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Calendar & Events

Laurel Swetnam and Lea Gordinier present

"Unique Flat Lidded Box Workshop"

Friday, February 23, 2024 and

Sunday, February 25, 2024

10 am CST to 5 pm CST

Registration for our workshop has been closed, we are at capacity.

Thank you for your interest.

Explore the possibilities making unique Flat Lidded Boxes with Laurel Swetnam and Lea Gordinier.

Lea is the designer of the roject and Laurel is the cane designer. Both will work with usin this two day Zoom workshop.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from two experts and IPCA winners, Laurel and Lea in this fun-filled two day progem.

  *You will learn to form a firm paper structure.

  *You will learn how to apply clay successfully over that form.

  *You will learn to construct a unique lid that securely fits the box.

  *Additionally, Laurel will demonstrate making several canes and show you how to utilize them to cover your project.

The workshop will be recorded and available to paid participants for 30 days following the program. 

Registration is closed, we are at capacity for our class.

Payment includes your 2024 KCPCG dues.

There is a $50 non-refundable fee should you cancel after Jan. 20, 2024

To register by mail, checks must be payable to the Kansas City Polymer Clay Guild for full amount. Email kansascitypolymerclay @gmail.com to request our address.

If you are not a KCPCG Member, you may join the waitlist by emailing [email protected]. Please do not submit payment.

   If you would like to visit our meeting, please email [email protected] to receive the Zoom link. Vistors are welcome to attend two Guild meetings for free, then we ask you join the Guild to continue.

Month at a Glance

January, 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

January 11, 2024

6:30 pm CST via Zoom

Demo: To be announced

February, 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

February 8, 2024

6:30 pm CST via Zoom

Demo: Denise Fitzsimmons

" From Photo to Finished Pieces"

Workshop with Laurel Swetnam 

and Lea Gordinier via Zoom

February 23 and 25, 10 am- 5 pm

March 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday,

March 14, 2024

6:30 pm CST via Zoom

Demo: You-Tube tutorial, Helene Jeanclaude

"Color on Polymer, Alcohol Inks and Posca Felt Markers"

April 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

April 11, 2024

6:30 pm CDST via Zoom

Demo: To be announced

May 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

May 9, 2024

6:30 pm CDST via Zoom

Demo: To be announced

June 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

June 13, 2024

6:30 CDST via Zoom

Demo: To be announced

July 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

July 11, 2024

6:30 CDST via Zoom

Demo: To be announced

August 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

August 8, 2024

6:30 CDST via Zoom

Demo: To be announced

September 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

September 12, 2024

6:30 CDST via Zoom

Demo: to be announced

October 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

October 10, 2024

6:30 CDST via Zoom

Demo: To be announced

November 2024

Monthly meeting, Thursday

November 14, 2024

6:30 CDST via Zoom

Elections for 2025 Officers

Demo: To be announced

December 2024

Holiday Party!! 

December 12, 2024

Details to be announced

Workshops KCPCG Has Hosted

KCPCG Workshops over the years (2005 to present)

Feb. 2005: KLEW – Polymer Clay Tips and Techniques 

Jun. 2006: Jana Roberts Benson – Precision Lace Cane

Oct. 2006: KLEW – Translucent Canes

Feb. 2007: Jana Roberts Benson – Arabesque Caning and Fleur d’Lis, Strap Rivet Jewelry

Sep. 2007: Jana Roberts Benson – Finely Veined Leaf and Secret Shapes

Mar. 2008: Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg – Intensive Flower Caning, 5 Flowers from one Skinner blend

May 2008: Eugena Topina – Faux Cloisonné

Jun. 2008: Julie Picarello – Mixed Media Mokume Gane

Feb. 2009: Sarah Shiriver - Kaleidoscoping Your Skinner Blend & Polymer Fitted Bangle Bracelet with Elastic Closure

Oct. 2009: Barbara McGuire – Faux Bone Bracelets, Festive Framed Faces, Mokume Gane Gold Leaf

Mar. 2010: Barbara McGuire – Silver Clay, Face Cane  

Oct. 2011: Lisa Pavelka -- Faux Dichroic Resin, Surface Techniques, Soldering

Oct. 2012: Julie Eakes – Face Cane                 

Apr. 2012: Barb Fajardo -- Mandela Beads and More

Sep. 2013: Carol Simmons -- Hidden Jewels Mokume Gane

Jul. 2014: Randy Ketzel & Kim Schlinke -- ​ dZi beads, carnelian bangle, opal/bronze Celtic pendant 

Mar. 2015: Ann and Karen Mitchell -- Engineering & Construction for Jewelry Design &

                                                             Liquid Polymer Clay: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Aug. 2015: Maggie Maggio -- Color Inspirations

Apr. 2016: Dale Doroshow -- Books, Chaos Cards, Petals & Leaves

Aug. 2016: Deb Hart -- Turtle Box and Owl Tile

Mar. 2017: Carol Simmons -- Flowers and Totems

Jun. 2017: Alice Stroppel -- Cane Mapping

Oct. 2017:  Jana Roberts Benson -- 3D Dimensional Cutwork & Backgroundless Flower Canes

Jul.  2018:  Lindly Haunani -- Sagacious Sumptuous Color

Oct. 2018:  Syndee Holt --Tips and Tricks and Photography with a cell phone

Jul.  2019:  Barb Fajardo -- Colorful Chaos 

Oct. 2019:  Lindly Haunani -- Three Joyful Veneers

Jul.   2020: Deb Hart -- Rainbow & Art Deco Pens via Zoom   

Aug. 2020: Layl McDill-- Bird via Zoom

Oct.  2020: Lynn Yuhr -- Meditative Magic via Zoom

Jun.  2021:  Carol Blackburn -- Faire Isle Vessels via Zoom

Oct:  2021:  Jana Roberts Benzon -- Still Life Masters via Zoom

Jun. 2022:  Sarah Shriver –Mobiles and Hollow Beads via Zoom

Oct.  2022:  Shelly Atwood -- Carved Vessels & Hinged Textured Pendants via Zoom

Jan. 2023:  Julie Picarello -- Faded Tapestry Texture/ All Meshed UP via Zoom

Oct. 2023:  Bonnie Bishoff-- Statement Necklaces and Embedded Findings via Zoom

Feb. 2024:  Laurel Swetnam and Lea Gordinier--Unique, Flat Lidded Boxes via Zoom

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